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...we are glad to have local data recovery company like MDR in malaysia, we are impressed when we were told that our 9-month research data are recoverable with reasonable price. Thank you guys, and all the best! 
 Mohd. Ridzuan & Karim, UTM (Nov 2005) lost can be countless without my presentation data  recovered within 8 hours, i know it wasn't an easy task but you just made it, amazing!
i will definitely use your service in the future and recommend you to others! Well done!
Franco S., Singapore (Nov 2005)
  Data Recovery Fact  
  Disaster on data lost
....two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster go out of business within five years. Business continuity plans and disaster recovery services are core essentials to ensure continuing viability.
  ~ Gartner research paper  
  What can be handled by MDR?  

At MDR, we execute all recovery jobs in Malaysia, we do not send customers' hard drive overseas (some recovery centers headquartered overseas or agent for overseas recovery center) for further recovery attempt, we do not give any excuses on job difficulties to mislead customer by stating
"There is no one can do it in Malaysia..."

With years of innovative research and development, technical support, materials and datasheets from various manufacturers, MDR constantly strengthen it's technical resources, skills and experience, ready to tackle various kind of hard drive problem (to be described below).
Therefore, it is time to open up our mindset, take a look on what Malaysian data recovery center can do... 

Diagnose incoming hard drives...
When faulty hard disk received into labs, each component (circuit board, HDA) are to be probe separately with common tools like oscilloscopes, voltage measuring tools and in house signal measuring equipment,  No direct power to be input to the hard drive until the probing completed (to prevent further damages, specially for mechanical failed cases). 
Transfer platter...
Conventional mechanical driven hard drive (3.5", 2.5" and 1.8") that failed with critical "illness" e.g. mechanical clicking noises or a total mechanical death situation, platter transfer is normally the best data salvation method. The job of transferring platter require cleanroom facilities (for many years ago, the term "cleanroom" used to be a technical jargon or luxurious tools to attract customer, but it is no long be), special fabricated tools and most importantly, handling experience.
Repair surface mounted printed circuit board (PCB) ...
For hard drive technology, we are dealing with multi-layer printed circuit board repairing and reviving tasks, to deal with tiny scale yet high complexity components like ICs, the SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) know-how and understanding on how each circuitry module works are extremely critical.
As 80% of to-date hard drives do not share circuit board (firmware and parameter of each drive are designed to be exclusive), the chances of recovery sometime may only rely on the same problematic circuit board.  
Access to firmware...
To deal with firmware defects, a full range of firmware database from different maker is a must. Proper firmware writing tools are so critical as for a malfunctioning hard drive, you may have only one chance to perform this particular task, and to recover the data..
You can read more about hard drive firmware here. 
Motor and slider...
Dead motor and faulty slider (read/write head module) defects are categorized as one of the toughest task in this data recovery job (when platter transfer, circuitry and firmware repair are not permitted or relevant).
With years of research, our knowledge on newer generation of motor (Fluid dynamic bearing motor) and slider re-alignment technique are enhancing, by now, on certain hard drive model, we have captured the techniques for motor co-planarity assembly and multi platter slider assembly.    

Our Commitment

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