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Why MDR?
Leading Technology
Prompt delivery &
Uncompromised  commitment on data privacy.

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....we are satisfy with MDR's service on top of their capability to recover our memorable photos.
We impress and appreciate what had MDR offered to us.
Mr & Mrs Tan, PJ  (Nov 2005) is so doubtful until i received the return-parcel from MDR and seen them myself... i resumed to work almost no lost with the recovered working files... Thanks for the efficient support! 
Joshua Siew, Sibu  (Oct 2005)
  Data Recovery Fact  
  Disaster on data lost
....two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster go out of business within five years. Business continuity plans and disaster recovery services are core essentials to ensure continuing viability.
  ~ Gartner research paper  

  Steps of Data Recovery  

We are always ready to assist customers to recover the losing data and customers are advised to follow the steps stated below closer possible, for any doubts, feel free to call us for details:

  1. Please stop any activities on the storage media, power off immediately
  2. Please contact us immediately, we will collect some hard drive information through several simple questionnaires. 
  3. Prepare to send in for evaluation.
  4. Cases that send in by courier, be extra careful on packaging, be sure that media is protected by at least 5cm of air bubble wrapper or equivalent, consult us for more details. 
  5. Most cases, evaluation will take less than 48 hours, we will generate an official quotation for you with the diagnosis results which consists of root cause of problem, possibility of data recovery in file-list, and recovery fee.
  6. As soon as customers agreed to proceed with the data recovery, we will then continue to complete the rest of the job and invoice the customer accordingly.

* * Courier service/handling charges shall be borne by customers
who are from overseas or outstation.

Our Commitment

  • Firm commitment to privacy (Non-disclosure Agreement)
  • No data, no charge
  • Prompt delivery
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Competitive fee charge
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