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.... MDR mampu mengembalikan data bagi sistem raid department kita yang telah rosak secara fizikal, ribuan terima kasih,
(...MDR capable to recover data from our   departmental server which physically defected, thanks a lot)      
 Azra'e Yacob, Ampang (Oct 2005)

...i thought everything is gone until i found MDR, their strong technical knowledge saved almost 95% of my total data which is beyond my expectation, things are done in professional manner and reliable...
Dr. Lam, Klang (Oct 2005)
  Data Recovery Fact  
  Disaster on data lost
....6% of all PCs will suffer an episode of data loss in any given year...which contribute to the total average cost of $2,557 for such an incident .
  ~ Pepperdine University Study  

  Data Recovery Service List  

MDR Data Recovery center capable and qualified offering full range of data recovery services to customers in Malaysia and overseas, main categories listed below:

Hard storage media recovery
Databases and system recovery
Password recovery on File and Archive 

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Hard storage media Databases & System Password recovery
  • IDE, SCSI hard disk:-
    Maxtor (Quantum)
    Western Digital
    Hitachi (IBM)
    Conner etc
  • Digital Storage Card:-
    Secure Digital (SD)
    Compact Flash I & II
    xD card
    USB Thumdrive
  • Floppy and Cartridge
    IBM compatible 1.44/1.2MB
    Iomega ZIP disk/ JAZ
    Macintosh Superdisk
    MO disk
  • Database platform
    SQL Server
    Lotus notes
    Microsoft AccessMDB

  • Operating System
    MS Windows (3.x ~XP)
    MS Windows (Server edition)
    Linux (ReiserFS) 
    SUN Solaris
    Snap-server (Ethernet server),FreeBSD
    Iomega NAS (Network attach storage) etc

  • File System & Cofiguration
    FAT (12/16/32)
    Ext2 & Ext3 JFS ReiserFS
    HFS +HFS
    RAID 0 1 5

  • File Password
    Zip & RAR Archive
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Excess
    Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Mailbox Password
    Microsoft Outlook (PST)
    Outlook Express (dbx)
    Lotus notes (nsf)
    Eudora (pro) mail


Our Commitment

  • Firm commitment to privacy (Non-disclosure Agreement)
  • No data, no charge
  • Prompt delivery
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Competitive fee charge
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